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Mailing Address Route de Holzem B.P. 51
Mamer, Luxembourg L-8232
Telephone: +352 31 20 85-1
Fax: +352 31 19 11
Website: www.ceratizit.com

Commercial Capabilities

CERATIZIT is a global player in sophisticated hard material solutions for wear protection, cutting tools and wood and stone working (cemented carbides, cermets and technical ceramics) driven by more than 5,500 people and emotions. Operating from Mamer, Luxembourg, the company is today spread over 4 continents. The Group counts over 20 production sites and more than 50 sales subsidiaries. Besides the extensive long-term experience, CERATIZIT handles the entire process chain, from raw material to the dispatching of the finished products to the customers. The production process of powder-metallurgical products mainly includes the four steps of powder preparation, forming, sintering and finishing.

CERATIZIT is not a tungsten smelter and/or refiner. We produce sintered hardmetal solutions by processing tungsten oxides and tungsten carbide powders, and support raw material sustainability by the use of recycled material.

CERATIZIT values its reputation as a high-quality, responsible supplier and is supporting the TI-CMC commitment to ethical business practices and conflict-free sourcing.

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