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Company Da Nang Processing Import and Export Joint Stock Company
Mailing Address 31 Dong Khe-Ngo
Quyen-Haiphong Vietnam
Telephone: (+84) 651-49086
Fax: (+84) 651-88032

Commercial Capabilities

Danang Processing Import - Export Joint Stock Company established on July 2005. For over ten years, we apply chemical way use the secondary raw material which contained tungsten to produce the calcium tungstate. The features in high W03 content (60-70 percent) and lower impurities. Thus, our product is consumed by more and more end-users. In the future, maybe we will expand the scope to produce APT.

Additionally, we believe in ethical sourcing & business practices. We support the underlying principles of the conflict minerals council.

TI-CMC Letter of Commitment

Company's Commitment to Conflict-Free Sourcing (Conflict-Free Policy)