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Company Sanher Tungsten Vietnam Co. Ltd.
Mailing Address Khu Cong Nghiep Nhon Trach 3, Giai Doan 2
Nhon Trach
Dong Nai
Telephone: (84) 613566050
Fax: 613566048
Website: www.sanher-tungsten.com

Commercial Capabilities

Sanher Tungsten Vietnam Co.Ltd. was founded in 2009 in South Vietnam. We are engaging to provide long term and stable tungsten products supplying to world wide clients. Currently our products include: Blue Tungsten Oxide, Yellow Tunsten Oxide, Tungsten Powder, Tungsten Carbide Powder, Tungsten Metal Bar, and Tungsten-Ferro bricks. All our raw material is from conflict-free area. We have very strict raw material origin country verify policy. All of our clients are showing highly concern about conflict-free policy, so we fully understand this is an important issue in tungsten supply train. We guarantee we didn't and will not use any material comes from conflict area.

TI-CMC Letter of Commitment

Company's Commitment to Conflict-Free Sourcing (Conflict-Free Policy)