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Company Chemetals International, LTD
Mailing Address Room A-D, 21st Floor, Golden Sun Centre
59-67 Bonham Strand West, Hong Kong, China
Telephone: (852)2815-8111
Fax: (852) 2541-8919
Website: www.chemetals.com.hk

Commercial Capabilities

Chemetals was established in Hong Kong in 1989. We have been MMTA members since 1996, and relocated out regional offices in Beijing/Guangdong/Hunnan. We are regular buyers and stock-takers of all kinds of tungsten products, including metals/carbide/oxide/ferrous alloys and we do restrict our buying from those Chinese producers who are currently corporate members or applying members of TI-CMC. We shall abide by the rules and regulations rendered by TI CMC.

We are condemning the unplanned and illegal mining activities over Congo King/Rhowanda and the nearby affected regions in Africa of Wolframite/Scheelite/ Gold Ores/Tantalite etc., this kind of non-humanity act conducted by the African warlords are not only causing unfair trade but having a long-term effect in endangering environmental and living facilities, such as soil and water pollution. We refrain ourselves from buying any tungsten ores from Africa or any other suspected suppliers.

TI-CMC Letter of Commitment

Company's Commitment to Conflict-Free Sourcing (Conflict-Free Policy)