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Company Treibacher Industrie AG
Mailing Address Auer von Welsbach Strasse 1
Althofen, Austria 9330
Telephone: (+43) 4262-505-569
Fax: (+43) 4262 4835
Website: www.treibacher.com

Commercial Capabilities

Treibacher Industrie AG, established in 1898, is, since the early 1970s, a manufacturer of Tungsten Metal Powder and Tungsten Carbide Powder for application in the hard metal industry. We are active on a global basic supplying customized high-quality products.

We are not a refiner/smelter, i.e., we are not processing primary raw materials (Ores/Concentrates), but our starting raw materials are intermediates that we buy from refiners/smelters.

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