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Company Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd
Mailing Address No. 300 Ke Jingshe
Haicang District
Xiamen, China
Telephone: (86) 592-5627392
Fax: (86) 592-6035719
Website: www.cxtc.com

Commercial Capabilities

Xiamen Tungsten Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as XTC) is a group company listed on Shanghai Exchange. The predecessor of XTC was Xiamen Alumina plant founded in 1958 and has started tungsten business since 1982. After years of development, XTC has established a complete chain of tungsten/molybdenum industry ranging from mining, smelting, down-stream processing and secondary resources recovery.

XTC is a key enterprise in China's battery materials industry, with products that range from hydrogen storage alloy powder to all kinds of lithium battery materials.

XTC established a relatively complete rare earth industrial chain covering smelting, processing, new materials and scientific research.

XTC is highly committed to offering best working environment and opportunity for the employees, providing excellent products and service to our customers, and rich return for our shareholders. XTC is always dedicated to harmonious development with the society.

XTC sourced & processed tungsten concentrates, tungsten scrap and tungsten intermediate products, the main tungsten smelting products including ammonium paratungstate, blue tungsten oxide and tungsten trioxide.

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