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Company Xinfeng Huarui Tungsten & Molybdenum New Material Co., LTD
Mailing Address Zhongduan South Road
Industry Park Zone
Xinfeng County, Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China
Telephone: (86) 158-707-17-021
Fax: (86) 797-33-379-29
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Xinfeng Huarui Tungsten & molybdenum New Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer which specialized in the research, development and production of ammonium paratungstate and also molybdenum recovery. Our main products include APT, tungsten acid and molybdic acid. The tungsten material we sourced & processed is tungsten concentrate and tungsten scrap. We use advanced alkali decomposition technique and our APT annual capacity reaches 3000 tons and the APT is well received by domestic customers and also exported to various countries or regions, such as Japan and Taiwan.

Xinfeng Huarui Tungsten & molybdenum New Material Co., Ltd. has a fully equipped and high-tech inspection center to supervise the whole production line. Prudent management and scientific attitude is the assurance to the quality.

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