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Company Xiushui Maoyuan Chemical Co., LTD / Jiangxi Xiushui Xianggan Nonferrous Metals Co., LTD
Mailing Address Sunrise Project Area of Xiushui Industrial Park,
Xiushui, Jiangxi, China 332400
Telephone: (0086) 792-780-5798
Fax: (0086) 792-780-5798

Commercial Capabilities

Xiushui Maoyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., was established in August 2011. Together with its sister company Jiangxi Xiushui Xianggan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. (both under same management and at the same industrial area) it produces ammonium para-tungstate, ammonium meta-tungstate, tungsten oxide, ammonium sulfide, and molybdenum disulfide. The annual production capacity of ammonium para-tungstate (APT in brief) is 3,000 metric tons, ammonium meta-tungstate (AMT in brief) is 1,200 metric tons, tungsten oxide (BTO/YTO in brief) is 1,800 metric tons.
The technology, product quality, and environmental protection of this company have reached the domestic advanced level and achieved good economic benefits.

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