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Company ALMT Corp.
Mailing Address 1-11-11, Shiba
Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 105-0014
Telephone: +81 3-5418-1817
Fax: +81 3-5418-1811
Website: www.allied-material.co.jp

Commercial Capabilities

ALMT Corp carries out production and sale of a variety of highly reliable tungsten products from raw materials to finished products.

Our tungsten products are (1) tungsten powder, (2) tungsten carbide powders, (3) precision cemented carbides products, (4) high precision carbide cutters, and other various products.

(1) Tungsten powder is manufactured under struct quality control as raw materials of high density composites, diamond tools, metallizing paste, sintered parts of tungsten, etc.
(2) Tungsten carbide powder that is used for cemented carbide, cermet diamond tools, electric contacts, etc., is manufactured under thorough quality control.
(3) We supply cemented carbide materials manufactured by mixing and sintering our own powder materials. We offer optimum design/manufacturing solutions according to your requests from selection of raw material powder to selection of shapes like square sheets and round rods.
(4)Our cemented carbide slitters are excellent cutters for magnetic tape, capacitors, paper, plastics and metals and offer good durability 10 times greater than that of steel. Cemented carbide slitter knife units are also manufactured. Metal-slitting saws are used for metal-slitting of magnetic heads, frames of glasses, etc.

We have also developed a system to efficiently recycle used tungsten product tools appreciated by the community.

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